Brooklands School

Brooklands School Pool is ideal for nervous, timid swimmers and those from 2.5 yrs. The warm water and enclosed area is ideal to help confidence and enjoyment with fun, well structured lessons. The sitting area is close to the 10m x 8m pool so support can be given from parents, alternatively, accompanied siblings can play in the hall next to the pool. On Wednesday's there is a small special needs class which has given so much pleasure to swimmers over the years, the environment perfect ,as the school facilities are aimed to those with mobility and sensory needs.

Courses include:

        ⇨ Parent/Carer & Toddler

        ⇨ A gentle introduction for 2½ years+

        ⇨ Special Needs classes

        ⇨ Teenagers + Rookie Lifeguard / Water Polo / Competitive / Synchronised Swimming

        ⇨ Specialised small classes from parent and toddler to pre-squad

        ⇨ Private lessons

        ⇨ Crash courses

Classes at Dunottar School

          ⇨ Stage 1 (non-swimmers)

          ⇨ Stage 2 (5m)

          ⇨ Stage 3 (10m)

          ⇨ Stage 4 (10m-25m)

          ⇨ Special Needs Class

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