Dunottar School

I founded The Flipper Club Swim School at Dunottar School in 1991.The Swim School and Pool have come a long way since then - I started on Thursday's for an hour with 7 children, now there are classes 7 days a week. The pool building has had a lot of work done to it over the years with the slatted windows along the South side being replaced with air tight ones and a massive refurbishment last year.

The Flipper Club Swim School has 11 fantastic, very experienced teachers able to help all pupils achieve their full potential in the pool which is 25m x 9m, depth 1m - 3.2m. Starting with Adult and Child to Honours, some swimmers staying until they have finished their A levels, enjoying the alternative skills of Rookie Lifeguard, Water Polo, Diving and Synchronised Swimming.

Courses include:

        ⇨ Parent/Carer & Toddler

        ⇨ A gentle introduction for 2½ years+

        ⇨ Special Needs classes

        ⇨ Teenagers + Rookie Lifeguard / Water Polo / Competitive / Synchronised Swimming

        ⇨ Specialised small classes from parent and toddler to pre-squad

        ⇨ Private lessons

        ⇨ Crash courses

Classes at Dunottar School

          ⇨ Stage 1 (non-swimmers)

          ⇨ Stage 2 (5m)

          ⇨ Stage 3 (10m)

          ⇨ Stage 4 (25m)

          ⇨ Stage 5 (50m)

          ⇨ Stage 6 (100m)

          ⇨ Stage 7 (200m)

          ⇨ Stage 8 (400m)

          ⇨ Stage 9 (800m)

          ⇨ Skills, Speed & Stamina (1km+)

          ⇨ Water Sports: Water Polo/ Diving/ Starts and Turns/ Rookie Lifeguard 

          ⇨ Adult & Child Classes

          ⇨ Duckling (unaccompanied pre-school) Class

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