Wray Common School

Wray Common School Pool is ideal for those who like to start with the security of a shallow area and as confidence and ability grows moving to the 2m deeper area in this 15m x 8m pool. Seating is next to the water, so that encouragement can be given if needed. Accompanied siblings can play on the grassy verges outside and parents can still see the swimming through the glass sided building. In the Summer the roof can be rolled back, bliss!

Courses include:

        ⇨ Parent/Carer & Toddler

        ⇨ A gentle introduction for 2½ years+

        ⇨ Special Needs classes

        ⇨ Teenagers + Rookie Lifeguard / Water Polo / Competitive / Synchronised Swimming

        ⇨ Specialised small classes from parent and toddler to pre-squad

        ⇨ Private lessons

        ⇨ Crash courses

Classes at Wray Common

          ⇨ Stage 1 (non-swimmers)

          ⇨ Stage 2 (5m)

          ⇨ Stage 3 (10m+)

          ⇨ Stage 4 (25m)

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